Take a look at these hands.

I am a student at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, where I also serve as managing editor of Wesleying, our primary student life blog, and arts editor for the Wesleyan Argus. I’m spending the summer in my car, visiting presidential birthplaces from Iowa to Plains, GA. In so doing, I seek to gain insight into historic preservation, U.S. presidential history, and whatever the hell goes on in Plains, GA. Through extensive interviews and months of roadtripping, my project explores the ways in which small, otherwise ordinary towns and communities across America proudly (or reluctantly) insert themselves into the fabric of American political history.

I am humbly indebted to Wesleyan University’s Olin Fellowship and the History Channel’s Save Our History grant for funding. Here you will find words and images pertaining to my project. Contact me at zschonfeld(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.


One Comment on “Take a look at these hands.”

  1. Lloyd says:

    Nice site….your Dad referred me to it. Hope you are enjoying your Presidential travels! Lloyd

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