An Update From Below

  • Hello from Fredericksburg: I have made it safely to Virginia, birth state of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Tyler, Harrison, Taylor, Wilson, Madison, and Monroe. (Yes, that is a record.) Expect a glamorous week of presidential libraries and plantations and birth site markers, oh my.
  • Tonight I am chillin’ at the Holidae Inn. Tomorrow’s likely digs: North Bend Plantation, originally built for William Henry Harrison’s sister, presently owned by William Henry Harrison’s descendant. Chingy, write a song about this one too, plz.
  • Blog updates may be sporadic until I’m back in New York: god only knows how often I will be online, or how likely I am to survive Virginia weather.
  • George Cleveland, Grover’s only surviving grandchild, has agreed to an interview, nbd.
  • If you set your car’s navigation system destination as “The White House” while cruising through southern Maryland, you will arrive near—but not quite at—The White House. Try it sometime. Perhaps on impulse, while en route from New York to Fredericksburg.



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