“A Contract Has Been Let”: Darren Boch Speaks

As promised, I have unearthed more grisly details regarding the scandalous heavily tweeted closing of Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace for fire safety repairs: I got in touch with Darren Boch.

Things to know about Darren Boch:

  • Darren Boch is presently Public Affairs Officer of National Parks of New York Harbor.
  • Darren Boch knows what’s up with TR’s birthplace, according to this NPS media advisory.
  • Darren Boch has a sweet name.
  • Darren Boch possibly has a sweet mullet, or possibly does not have a sweet mullet, depending on whether or not the first Google Image result for “Darren Boch” is, in fact, Darren Boch.

Turns out the site will not be reopened until some exhibits are also replaced.  (Your guess is as good as mine.) Here’s my action-packed interview with Darren Boch:

What exactly were the safety code deficiencies that led to the closing of the Teddy Roosevelt birthplace?

The safety deficiency was the external fire escape, which needs to be replaced.

Has the contract for the repairs been signed? When do you anticipate the TR site being reopened?

A contract has been let and the work should be completed within 60-90 days.

Have there been any other fire safety concerns (or repairs) of a similar nature in this building’s history?

We are not aware of any similar safety issues/repairs from the past.

Will the museum reopen immediately upon completion of these repairs?

The museum will not open immediately because we will still need to replace exhibits in the exhibit cases that were upgraded with LED lighting, unrelated to the safety-related closure. That process should take about 30 days to complete after the safety issued is addressed.


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