Walk Softly, But Carry a Big TweetDeck

I’m not sure what’s funnier—the revelation that the Teddy Roosevelt birthplace has a Twitter account (follow @TRBirthplaceNPS, kids!), or the fact that someone out there is retweeting this stuff. (Sometimes two people!)

Oh, and the site is closed. Indefinitely. For fire safety repairs. (More specifically, “A recent inspection conducted by an independent contractor noted several life-safety code deficiencies, to include the exterior emergency fire escape,” whatever that means.) God forbid Teddy Roosevelt’s home violate present day fire safety standards. It’s not like the guy personally quit his position as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, booked it to Cuba, and charged the shit out of San Juan Hill or anything.

In case you didn’t get the announcement, they tweeted it three times:

That didn’t stop me from visiting the reconstructed Manhattan brownstone today: 28 East 20th Street, between Park and Broadway. More infomashunz on that visit coming soon.


2 Comments on “Walk Softly, But Carry a Big TweetDeck”

  1. […] promised, I have unearthed more grisly details regarding the scandalous heavily tweeted closing of Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace for fire safety repairs: I got in touch with Darren […]

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